Special Arabic One/Only Finger Mehndi Designs 2018 Indian Style

Only/One Finger Mehndi Designs, Finger Mehndi Style

Finger Mehndi Style is the simplest yet the stylish of all Mehndi Designs 2018. The trend is not very old and is for the ladies who wish to get a glamorous and stylish look. It is preferred by the women who are not much into applying heavy mehndi designs. Let’s not waste much of your time and discuss the newest finger mehndi designs.


Simple and Elegant One Finger Mehndi Design

This design covers one finger of the hand and it is mostly the index finger. This design can be made on front and back sides of the hand but looks better on the back side. An elaborated floral pattern is made that leaves all fingers and thumb plain except for the index finger. The patterns can vary according to your choice you can choose a leafy pattern, geometrical pattern or even circular pattern.

Simple and Elegant One Finger Mehndi Design 2017


Quarter Finger Mehndi Designs

All Asian girls face this situation once in a while, when they are forced by their parents of parents in law or husband to do stuff they really don’t want to do! So those who have to wear mehndi to please someone around, this is the design for you.

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This new mehndi design leaves the palm of the hand empty and covers quarter of all fingers with thick detailed mehndi pattern. It gives a stylish and a very unique look and also adds to the beauty of your hands.


Modern Finger Mehndi Design

We as teenagers are often struck in a dilemma that is, if we wear mehndi it will last for at least 30 days and wearing jeans, tops and modern clothing with Mehndi on your hands? that is going to look so awful! If you have been fighting with the same confusion, try the modern finger mehndi designs, in which you can make Red Indian inspired patterns just on your fingers. Your hands will look attractive and you can be the new trend setter in town girl!


Finger Bands Mehndi Design

Start making simple henna rings on your fingers, then add details to them. You can make different designs for every band you made, just make sure the elegance is the primary feature of this design. So don’t make a design that covers a big portion of your finger. Try to make simple leaves or squares joined together.



Peacock Feather on Only/One Finger Mehndi Design

This style got the inspiration from the peacock, obviously. A big peacock feather is made on the back side of the hand that covers only one finger (index finger). If you wish to give a heavy look to this design you can add smaller designs to other finger too but again the simpler the better. Finger mehndi designs are meant to be simple!


Mehndi lover or not, you will for sure love these designs, as they will for sure beautify your hands. Fashion is always about wearing your style, don’t hesitate to look unique because not everyone has the guts to stand out in a crowd.


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