Simple Round/Circular Mehndi Designs 2018 for Hands Free Download

Circular/Round Mehndi designs for hands

Circular Mehndi Designs 2018 are bound to standout for their elegance, classiness and beauty. These Round Mehndi Design can beautify your hands and feet and will never fail to give you a traditional look. As the name tells the whole designs starts from a circle that is made on the center of your hand.


Sometimes that circle is filled with Henna only and sometimes artists use certain geometrical patterns to fill the circle. Here are a few Circular/Round Mehndi designs for hands that can add style to your celebrations!


1. Floral Round Mehndi Design

This design comprises of a big flower in the center of hand. This design gives an extremely elegant look. You can choose the size of the flower and matching fingertip Mehndi style to go with the flower.


If you are not a fan of simple mehndi designs that leave parts of your hands uncovered you can add a bail on your wrist and a few dots to give your hand a full look.

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2. Arabic Round Mehndi Design

Starting with a circle, this design uses the Arabic Henna Patterns. These designs are fairly easy to make unlike most Arabic Mehndi Designs because of less space of art. The swirls and patterns of this design are purely Arabic. This style looks best with traditional dresses. If your dress is not full sleeves you can mix it with some other Arabic henna design.


3. Simple Round Mehndi Design

There is a special kind of beauty in simplicity. This design is a proof of that. Just like all other designs, start with a circle in the center, add a few dots and then add another circle, another layer of design of your chose and another circle. Repeat this till your palm is all covered. This design is easy and you can make it at home with a few concentric circles and patterns in few minutes.


4. Round Mehndi Design with arm band

This is the newest trend in Round Mehndi Design for hands. Circle Henna designs leave a lot of space for you to add creativity. If you are a fan of heavy mehndi styles then this is the design for you. Add a detailed mehndi wrist band and a matching pattern for fingers too.


5. Traditional Mehndi Design

I believe this style was the first design in the history of Mehndi Art. The traditional filled circle in the center of the hand with small dots or a little bordered design on the sides. This whole establishment gives a very elegant, traditional and eastern look so if you are in a hurry and have no one who knows how to apply mehndi. Try this design!


6. Geometric Round Mehndi Design

One easy and fabulous design that can complete your look in a classy way! Bring together all the geometric shapes you know, especially the triangles and circles. Use these shapes to make an elaborated pattern that will fill the circle. You can add some triangles to the borders of the circle to give your design a complete look.


A part from the Round Mehndi Designs the diamond and square mehndi designs are also trending. You should give them a try too. These designs look awesome with traditional dresses.

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