Simple Easy Kids Mehndi Design 2018 Children Hands Henna Ideas

Simple Easy Kids Mehndi Design 2018, Henna Ideas for Children Hands

Gone are the days when moms used to convince kids by saying “Kids don’t do that”, now days kids argue and by hook or by crock get what they want. I see little girls wearing makeup, nail polish and mehndi. I believe makeup is a little too much, but little hands with Beautiful Mehndi Designs 2018 on them look adorable. Now, the question is how to make the kid sit for so long? Well, yes we all know kids don’t have the patience to sit in one place so the Mehndi designs for Kids should be as simple as possible.


Moms are always looking for fun ways to educate their kids. So let me tell you Mehndi can be a fun way to teach your kids a bit about your traditions. While your start applying a Mehndi designs for children’s hand tell them about the origin of mehndi, tell them that Mehndi was a luxurious item and was available only to the queens and princesses. Of course this will solve the problem of your kid not sitting in one place for Mehndi application and will add a bit to your kid’s knowledge.


Enough talking let’s get to the main topic. Here are a few New and easy Mehndi Designs 2018 for your sugar puff’s hands.


1. Floral Mehndi Designs for Kids: Going for floral mehndi designs is always wise because they are easy to make and kids can relate to it. I am sure your kid will ask you what is this? *pointing at her hands* and it is easy to answer “It’s a flower”.

Always start from the center, make one flower, a few swirls around and if your kid wants more you can add a few more little flowers.

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2. Tikki Mehndi Design for Kids: Another easy design on the list and something your kid can relate to. You can choose any shape you wish to start from; a circle, a diamond or a square. Start from the center choosing a basic shape. Add a few little designs around the shape to complete the design. You can go for half flowers or leaves or some geometrical pattern up to your expertise of mehndi application.


3. Simple Motif Mehndi Design for Kids: If your girl is a lady even at 5 and can sit in one place for half an hour. She deserves something elegant and elaborated. Go for paisley motifs with a few supporting floral designs. Also, make a spiral floral design on the finger tips matching geometry of the motif.


Kids be kids always, so there are a few precautionary measures you should take before applying any of the above listed Kids Mehndi Designs. Do check the product and remove the mehndi at once if you see your kid’s hand getting red. Always change their dress before applying mehndi, because you never know they can ruin their clothes *Mehndi stains are permanent*.


Do not use the black henna on kids hands, it has harmful chemicals that can burn their skin.  Parenting is the toughest job around, where you are on duty 24*7 and yes you don’t even get paid, but seeing your kid smile worth more than a million dollar!


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