New Kashee’s Simple Mehndi Designs 2018 Bridal Henna Pics

Latest Kashee’s Mehndi Designs 2018 for Hands and Feet (Updated 2018)

Mehndi, the most traditional element of fashion from our beautiful culture. An eastern wedding is so incomplete without ladies wearing beautiful dresses and elegant mehndi designs. Some ladies like to wear light designs while some want their whole hands covered with patterns of Henna. It’s the desire of every human to look their best around people who matter but there is a special desire of ladies to look “BEST”. So ladies this wedding season look your best with the New Kashee’s mehndi designs collection 2018 2019.


Kashee mehndi is one of the eminent mehndi design in Pakistan and is also trending worldwide. There are places worldwide providing mehndi application services but to be honest there are Kashee’s simple henna designs that you can try at home.


These designs will rock your Eid and your best friend’s or sister’s wedding. Kashee mehndi designs can be made prettiest by adding floral motifs, glitter and beads around elaborated tikka (the basic design). Here are a few new trends straight out of oven for you.

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Kashee Simple Mehndi Designs

The best and the simplest of Kashee mehndi starts with a circle/square in the center of your hand. The design than spreads throughout the hand using floral motifs and spirals in a circular manner.


Kashee Mehndi with Glitter

Pick any design from the vast variety of Kashee mehndi designs 2018 and fill the spaces with glitter. The choice of glitter color is important, go for neutral colors like silver or gold. These color add elegance and spice-up your style too. Depending upon your style you can also use other colors that match your dress color. Don’t over-do it though.


Kashee’s Bridal mehndi designs

One of the most important occasion of your life is your big day. You all deserve to look your best on that day. And looking the best is not a biggie if we are here to help you out *right*. Heavy floral designs incorporating motifs, flowers, spirals and swirls are famous among brides.


Again some brides like heavy designs, for those we advise you to add some glitter and pearls to the design. The choice of mehndi also depends upon the choice of dress. If your dress is traditional you can go for heavy designs but if not we strongly recommend to take in account simple designs.


Kashee mehndi designs for feet

Mehndi is not just for hands though, now a day’s mehndi designs on feet are equally famous. You can add pearls and beads to the designs on your feet too. Often simple motifs are made on the feet, a simple motif in the center and a some swirls or flowers on the fingers looks best.


Ladies across the globe are now getting inspirations from our new mehndi designs. So these few are a must to try because I have never heard someone saying that “This henna design looks bad on you” of course if made cleanly.


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