Khaleeji Henna Designs for Hands Feet, Khaliji Mehndi 2018

Khaleeji Henna Designs for Hands, Khaliji Mehndi for Feet 2018

Every woman especially girls love henna. Girls nowadays do not wait for a specific occasion to get their hands decorated with mehndi. They are crazy about the splendid look it gives and thus get Beautiful Henna Designs applied whenever they like.


In the old days, it was a tradition that only the bride can apply mehndi on her hands and feet, the other Pakistani and Indian girls were only allowed to have it done on their hands.


But now there is no such limitation, you can get gorgeous mehndi patterns on your hands and feet on any occasion you like and no one will tell you whether to get it or not.


Hands beautified with henna are the limelight of all the occasions whether it is a wedding ceremony or a religious occasion. You will see girls and even the little kids running here and there are decorated their hands with amazing and unique patterns.


One of the mehndi design that is catching the attention of every single eye these days is Khaleeji Henna Design. They are originated from the areas of UAE and gulf. These designs have made their mark in the hearts of the young girls because of their unique and beautiful patterns.


Khaleeji Mehndi Designs

Gulf Henna Patterns are preferred not only in the states of UAE but around the world, especially Asian girls love it. These designs of mehndi are available in many gorgeous styles and one of a kind themes like the paisley, floral, traditional, peacock and many other amazing patterns.


Henna artists have also introduced many amazing and beautiful patterns in Khaleeji Mehndi Designs that have made it even more popular among girls. Brides like to have these gulf henna themes on their hands and feet for the wedding because it gives a new and classy look.


Women and girls get their hands embellished with UAE Khaliji Mehndi Designs for every event like Eid, a ceremony and another special occasion. These designs are loved because of their simplicity and elegant look. They are also applied to the traditional and formal occasion because a woman is incomplete with henna on her hands.


There is a versatile range of Stylish Khaliji Henna Designs available in the fashion industry and even the mehndi designers are working to launch designs that are even more special. So select the Khaleeji Mehndi Designs 2016 that suit you the best and get your hands beautified with it.


Khaleeji Henna Designs for Feet

UAE mehndi patterns are not only applied on hands but also are available for beautifying the feet of any girl. There are many gorgeous and eye-catching patterns in this style of henna that is adored and loved by women these days.


Girls who are about to become a bride prefer Gulf Style Henna Designs to be applied on their feet as it will enhance the beauty and will make their feet look elegant.


There are many floral and technical designs available in this Khaleeji Henna. UAE mehndi patterns are very simple and quick to apply and that is another reason girls love them.


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  1. very good designs and tutorial. I watch this everyday and it has made me ableto draw some designs,but still learning. All the different designs and presenters excellent ps. keep it up. Very very useful and teachings by all the presenters. farida

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