Falguni Rajpara New Bridal Mehndi Style, Henna Design Gallery 2018

New Mehndi Style of Falguni Rajpara for Bridal 2018

Mehndi is the beautiful art of making designs with Henna on hands and feet. The art took new trends over the years and is still growing. A few years back no one can think of a career named “Mehndi Artist” yet now this is a thing. Falguni Rajpara is a famous Henna Artist from Mumbai.Latest-Mehndi-Style-of-Henna-Designs-Artist-Falguni-Rajpara-for-Bridal-2017-2018

She is known for her incredible mehndi designs for brides. Mehndi Artist Falguni Rajpara Bridal mehndi designs are now famous throughout the sub-continent. Her designs and ideas are no doubt exceptional. Falguni Rajpara is not very old in the business but she surely works hard to get new designs.


Bridal Full Hands Mehndi Designs by Falguni Rajpara

“The first color of your new life”; that’s how she talks about her Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection 2018. A blooming rose on your palm, a design with many concentric circles, motifs, flowers and swirls extended up to mid-elbow or a design with flowers and peacock motifs. You will get a flavor every Asian element in her design. The diversity and creatively in her designs is the best part so far.


Let’s discuss in particular the New Mehndi Style of Falguni Rajpara

Mughal Style Mehendi by Falguni Rajpara

When you hear the name Mughal you imagine people with beautiful eyes and sharp noses dressed beautifully, siting on huge thrones. This Mehndi Design by Falguni has a similar plot. Covering the hands with detailed henna designs and a mehndi sketch of bride and groom facing each other. This design goes till the elbow is much complex and beautiful. This design is a must if you are planning a Mughal theme wedding.


Peacock Design Mehndi Designs

You might see peacocks in many designs by other artists but Falguni Rajpara has incorporated these beautiful creations of nature to her designs in a very unique way. In her Peacock Design you will see a peacock on your hand and its feathers will be extended up till your elbow. It will look like that the peacock is enjoying.

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Artistic Henna Designs

This design is for sure a piece of art. While you are looking at it, it will take you back to the romance of Mughal era. The design shows a princess and prince as bride and groom respectively. Looking through the palace window. The palace is not made like a palace in the design but the geometric symmetry of design clears up the idea. Once again this is the design if you are planning to have a grand prince style wedding.


It won’t be wrong if I say that Falguni Rajpara Bridal Mehndi Designs are the future of Henna designs. You can also apply these designs at your own. Simple these are beautiful and gorgeous. Do give these stunning designs a try and rock every traditional event.

Images Credit: Falguni Rajpara


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