Beautiful Simple Indian Mehndi Designs 2018 for Hands Feet

Beautiful Simple Indian Mehndi Designs 2018 for Hands and Feet

Mehndi Designs is one of the historical trends that is loved around the world by girls of all age. At first, only the Asian and Arabic women preferred to beautify their hands and feet with mehndi. Now even in western countries, it is famous as a form of tattoo that women like to get even on their arms and back.


In India, it is regarded as a sign of happiness and this is the reason from ages that it has been applied on the hands of young girls on different occasions especially wedding ceremony.  In the modern age, women use the cone mehandi for the application of beautiful mehndi designs.


The mehndi artists have introduced many elegant designs of henna that will enhance the beauty of your hands and feet. Girls prefer to get their palms beautified by a professional designer so that there is no mistake in the pattern.


To make the style even more exclusive it is decorated with glitter or stones of the same color of the dress that the girl is wearing. The Indian mehndi designs are the most sophisticated and simple to apply and this is the reason it is loved by a woman.


Indian Mehndi Designs for Hands

Indian henna designs for hands 2018 are very simple and delicate. The styles mostly consist of the thick and thin carries flowers and peacock outlines. The different designs of mehndi that is famous in India are:

  • Rajasthani henna
  • Khaleeji  patterns
  • Arabic mehndi designs


These patterns might seem simple but once you start applying you will understand that how complicated they are. At an occasion India, you will find out that the girls and woman gather around the henna artist to get the best designs on their palms.

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Indian mehndi styles are something that you cannot ignore and the best part is that they are now available in 3D designs. It will give your hands a chic look that everyone will adore. Even the Indian bridal henna designs are one of a kind that is applied by the dulhan on their  wedding in the subcontinent like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.


Indian Mehndi Designs for Feet

With the palms, girls also loves to have their feet beautified with henna. Mostly the henna pattern of the hands and feet is kept the same. A detailed mehndi style will appear to be gorgeous and amazing. You can also use your creativity and imagination to make a perfect design.


The most beautiful mehndi designs for feet is the floral that is given a complete look with the addition of leaf and stem patterns. The designs are then enhanced with shading that gives two colors to the pattern. You can find many innovational and elegant floral outline as well.


To complete the event and make your hands and feet look graceful and elegant select the best Indian mehndi designs for hands and feet from the wide range of patterns. So get your palms decorated now and show off to your friends and family.


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