Amazing New Style Henna Mehndi Designs 2018 Catalog Book

Most Beautiful New Style of Mehndi 2018 Book for Hands

The New Style Mehndi Designs 2018 Catalog Book is here, even before New Year and this proves how interested women are in learning new mehndi designs. Here in this blog you will get to know all about newest designs of henna for hands and feet.

Bridal-Dulhan-Mehndi-Latest Indian New Style Henna Designs 2017 2018

Mehndi is not only a traditional ornament of east but is a trademark of eastern culture, especially Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Arab. It is human nature that we get bored easily and demand constant change in everything, be it clothing, environment or stuff at home. So keeping this in mind the trend setters keep on bringing innovation to every aspect of fashion that means mehndi designs as well.

Pakistani New Style Henna Designs 2017 2018

Fashion industry had introduced new trends of henna designs that include many elements other than just simple henna. In near future ladies decorated their hands only with henna but now glitters, beads and also colors are used to fill the shapes of henna patterns. These new styles just changed the way of henna application.


Glitter Mehndi Designs

In New Style of Mehndi Designs for Hands the latest trend is using Gliter Mehndi, this style is made by people with much expertise. The patterns are similar to other mehndi styles but the difference is that the blank spaces of the patterns are filled with glitter. The same can be done when applying mehndi on feet.

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Rhinestones on Mehndi Designs/ Nug on Mehndi

Another trending and different mehndi design are using rhinestones or nugs to decorate the Mehndi patterns. These small rhinestones are pasted on the henna designs using glue. Make sure you don’t use glue that irritates your skin. You can use this on hands and feet both.


Gol Tikka Henna Style

This is the oldest mehndi design is back with a bang. Mostly girls likes to draw this patten on their hands on weddings or any other function.. This design starts with a circle in the middle of the hand or feet and then the circle is decorated with patterns covering a major portion of the hand/feet.


Diamond Tikki Mehndi Design

In new style mehndi design for feet, the diamond tikki design is on the top of the list. This design starts with a diamond shape in the center of the feet which is then decorated with geometrical and floral patterns.


Net Mehndi Design

As the name says this mehndi design has a net pattern mainly on fingers. The style starts with a simple net pattern and is completed after decorating the pattern with dots, small flowers and some floral patterns. Glitters and stick on beads can also be used to decorate these patterns.


Listed above are some ideas from the New Mehndi Designs 2018. You can choose any design and customize it to give a heavy or elegant look depending upon the occasion. The merger of all these designs is also possible and will give your mehndi a unique look.


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